Feb 25, 2024    Pastor Matt Gold

Title: "Fasting"

Series: "Fasting"

Text: Matthew 6:16-18


"The Only Name(Yours Will Be)" by Benji Cowart, CCLI Song # 6223704

"Jesus Does" by Andrew Bergthold, Ed Cash, Franni Cash, Kyle Briskin, Martin Cash, Scott Cash, CCLI # 7205247

"Blessed Assurance" by Fanny Jane Crosby, Phoebe Palmer Knapp, CCLI # 22324

"Make Room" by Evelyn Heideriqui, Josh Farro, Lucas Cortazio, Rebekah White, CCLI # 7122057

"Lead On Good Shepherd" by Frankie Orella, Patrick Mayberry, Paul Duncan, CCLI # 7209206


***We do not own the rights to the music performed during service today***

CCLI License # 2016883