Noah's Ark Of Faith

Jun 4, 2023    Pastor Matt Gold

In The Beginning

Text: Genesis 6:13-22

Title: Noah’s Ark of Faith

  •Genesis 6:13-22

  •Genesis 6:5-7

  •Genesis 7:22-23

  •Genesis 7:5

  •Genesis 7:9

  •Genesis 7:16

  •Hebrews 11:7

Do you have a future and a hope?

Next Week – Judgment on the Horizon


"Battle Belongs" by Brian Johnson, Phil Wickham, CCLI Song # 7148126

"Jesus Is Coming Back" by Colby Wedgeworth, Jordan Feliz, Paul Duncan, CCLI # 7150996

"Great Are You Lord" by David Leonard, Jason Ingram, Leslie Jordan, CCLI # 6460220

"In Jesus Name (God Of Possible)" by David Spencer, Ethan Hulse, Jeff Pardo, Katy Nichole, CCLI Song # 7186326

"Build A Boat" by Colton Dixon, Johan Lindbrant, Mikey Gormley, Pete Becker, Seth Mosley, CCLI # 7196310


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