Judgment At Babel

Aug 6, 2023    Pastor Matt Gold

In The Beginning

Text: Genesis 11:1-9

Title: Judgment at Babel

•Genesis 11:1-9

•Romans 1:21

•Revelation 3:12

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"The Lord's Prayer (It's Yours)" by Bryan Fowler, Jacob Sooter, Matt Maher, CCLI Song # 7200544

"Jesus Does" by Andrew Bergthold, Ed Cash, Franni Cash, Kyle Briskin, Martin Cash, Scott Cash, CCLI # 7205247

"Grace Greater Than Our Sin" by Daniel Brink Towner, Julia Harriette Johnston, (Public Domain) CCLI # 31690

"I Speak Jesus" by Abby Benton, Carlene Prince, Dustin Smith | Jesse Reeves | Kristen Dutton | Raina Pratt, CCLI Song # 7136201

"My Feet Are On The Rock" by Abbie Parker, Josh Bronleewe, Lindsey Sweat, Matthew Hein, CCLI # 7106247


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