The Danger of Being a Friend of the World

Jan 7, 2024    Pastor Matt Gold

A Faith That Works – The Book of James

Week 15 – The Danger of Being a Friend of the World

Text: James 4:1-6

   •James 4:1-6

   •John 15:18

   •Romans 3:10-11

Worldly love causes:

   1.Conflict with others

   2.Conflict with self

     oJude 16-19

     oJames 1:17

   3.Conflict with God

     oHebrews 4:12

The Humble!

Next week: Unity


"Lead On Good Shepherd" by Frankie Orella, Patrick Mayberry, Paul Duncan, CCLI Song # 7209206

"How He Loves" by John Mark McMillan, CCLI # 5032549

"Abide" by Aaron Keyes, Aaron Williams, Jake Fauber, CCLI # 7168160

"First Things First" by Caleb Ward, Grant Bias, Jake Hess, Jordan David Ward, CCLI # 7208737

"Glorious Day" by Jason Ingram, Jonathan Smith, Kristian Stanfill, Sean Curran, CCLI Song # 7081388


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