Life is short – Do God’s Will

Mar 17, 2024    Pastor Matt Gold

A Faith That Works – The Book of James

Week 18 – Life is short – Do God’s Will

Text: James 4:13-17

   •James 4:13-17

   •Psalm 40:8

   •John 6:38

   •1 John 2:17

4 Possible Attitudes Toward the Will of God

   1.The Foolishness of Ignoring God’s Will

     oLuke 12:20-21

     oProverbs 27:1

     oJob 8:9

   2.The Arrogance of Denying God’s Will

   3.The Sin of Disobeying God’s Will

   4.The Acknowledging of God’s Will

     oEphesians 6:6

     oHebrews 13:20-21

Next week: The Judgment of the Wicked Rich


"My Feet Are On The Rock" by Abbie Parker, Josh Bronleewe, Lindsey Sweat, Matthew Hein, CCLI Song # 7106247

"Yes He Can" by Jeff Pardo, Logan Cain, Madison Jonson, Taylor Matz, CCLI # 7145821

"Firm Foundation (He Won't)" by Austin Davis, Chandler Moore, Cody Carnes, CCLI # 7188203

"Gratitude" by Benjamin Hastings, Brandon Lake, Dante Bowe, CCLI # 7158417

"Sing Wherever I Go" by Andrew Bergthold, Ed Cash, Franni Cash, Kyle Briskin, Martin Cash | Scott Cash, CCLI # 7138601


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